the ghafari family | cool fall morning by former weyerhauser headquarters in federal way, wa

As resident assistant at Pacific Lutheran University, I was in charge of making things really fun (or bearable) for my residents (along with other administrative tasks and details I won't dive into). Am I allowed to rub it in everyone's face when I mention my immense luck when it came to residents I was assigned - I mean - what a rad floor of students I got to hang out and get to know each year. 

Of those students was the bubbly and down to earth Cierra. So imagine my excitement to find a lovely message from her inquiring about setting up a fall family session - how could I say no? It timed completely well with this little grove of trees I'd been eyeing as I made my drives up north to Seattle and Burien; just rich in fall colors - golden yellow, deep red, & vibrant orange. 

Parked on the side of a road by the former Weyerhauser headquarters, our party of six, Cierra, her fiancé, Kyle, baby Mila, along with her soon to be sister in law Lauren and her fiancee, Anna, began the short trek to the golden aspens, on an early November morning, to snag all the smiles and not smiles (I'm looking at you baby Mila) of the Ghafari family. 

My biggest thanks to you five for your patience and love.

Your Future Babysitter + Mila's new Best Friend, 

Iana Mae <3

*    *    *





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