about mae

I feel like the richest person in the world because I get to revel in my everyday shenanigans, like actually tasting the chocolate and caramel notes mentioned on the packaging of my hot coffee, re-runs of Broad City for the 48th time with Kyndall, conversations that carry late into the night, or picking a restaurant from Eater's "up and coming" list for my parent's anniversary.

It's finding pure pleasure in both little and larger things in life, which gets at that definition of "truth and authenticity" for me, and embodies the heart of my work.

When I'm not taking photos, I'm probably trying to Shazam a song at a bar, indulging in Jersey Shore (yeah, yeah - the reality TV show), shadowboxing in every nook and cranny, inhaling fucking awesome  food with the best company a girl can have (probably my lovable weird family and friends), and spontaneously planning trips with my favorite person, Kyndall.

(I'm also completely besotted by my weird little cat, Pumpernickle, whom I'm currently trying to convince to let me carry).

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how i approach all of this

P H I L O S O P H Y  O F  T R U S T + L E T   L O O S E

In my years of taking photographs, I've learned that it is evident when someone might be uncomfortable or feeling awkward in front of the camera - take it from the person (me) who doesn't have one professional photo of her taken since high school (it's rough - I get it).

The secret sauce? Trust and connection.

Photos can be overwhelming for those that aren't used to it, and I'll always do my best to make sure they go as smooth as possible, and that folks in front of the camera are relaxed and having fun. However, whether it's a family session or whole wedding weekend, it's a collaboration between you and me, such that we should both feel confident moving forward with each other.

This doesn't necessarily mean "besties for life" (although I love making new friends), but feeling comfortable to work with one another in a way that YOU can enjoy the day, and I take on the worries and stress. I always encourage couples and families to meet with me over zoom or coffee to get to know one another, as well as to shop around and get to know other personalities behind the camera.

C R A F T E D  W I T H  C A R E

Although my work years prior were shot digitally, I've made the transition to shoot hybrid, with traditional film photography as my primary medium. Color and light are one of many idiosyncrasies that distinguishes photographers. Film grasps the colors and lights to achieve aesthetics distinctive to me and my work, elevating the stories, true to each moment, and ultimately delivering high quality, dope photos your way.

P . S .  I  L O V E  Y O U

One of my love languages is to send photos and videos to loved ones, especially throwbacks - one favorite photo is my dad laughing and carrying me, freshly graduated from high school, a blurry photo of my friend and I lying down on the sidewalk Halloween night 2017 in a banana and explorer costume, a selfie of my partner and I giggling at the camera in the midst of experiencing long distance.

People get their photos to commemorate something - weddings, anniversaries, pregnancy announcements, and the list goes on. We can all look at it as just a photo session, but it is beyond doubt capturing the essence of people during that phase of their lives:

Maybe it's your first born entering high school and it's completely unbelievable that 14 years have flown by that fast.

It might be your sweet senior pup, Sammy, and time together is getting shorter and shorter.

A relationship that has seen all the ups and downs - all the frustrating moments, and realizing you'll always want to make it work.

My primary goal is to envelope the above, and bring carefully crafted images that portray narratives true to you, as my clients.

*    *    *



I offer two base packages - standard wedding and elopement/micro-wedding.

The standard wedding package is my most popular package of the two. Normally, the 8-9
hours included has covered
most, if not all of the day’s activities.


While I’m based in Tacoma, WA (and love Tacoma with all my heart and soul), I think traveling is DOPE. So
you know, take me out of state, or something.

This being said, there are travel fees to note, which can be further discussed when we meet.

*The COVID-19 pandemic could affect travel. Contact for more information.


I’ve shot a majority of my weddings solo, however a second shooter comes in handy for larger weddings, if there’s a difficult location logistic, or extra coverage is requested.


DOPE DOPE DOPE. To reserve your date with me, I’ll need a signed contract, and a non-refundable retainer fee, 25% of your


I always encourage couples and clients to hang out with me - it's great to feel out chemistry and connection, as well as get to know one another. We can meet on Zoom or if local, in person!


Hell yeah! While I think photos are fun to see online and convenient - there is just an unbeatable feeling to having something tangible and touchable to stare at - let me know if this something you're interested in!


Yes!!! This can be family sessions, solo portraits, brand/product photography, best friend shoots, uhm. Yeah, I mean whatever (within reasonable constraints). Sky's the limit.

I currently do not offer services specifically for newborns (sorry little babies).




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